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Best orthodontic pay-per-click management to drive more traffic.

PPC Campaign Management to Get More Patient Leads

If you’re wanting to advertise your orthodontic practice, you know that traditional forms of advertising won’t work anymore. If you’re wanting to secure more qualified leads for your orthodontic or dental practice, then we recommend Pay Per Click advertising campaigns. Pay Per Click, or PPC advertising ensures that you get your orthopedic or dental practice in front of the right searchers at the right time.

Orthodontic PPC Agency

As a Google Certified Partner Agency, our team of orthodontic marketing professionals has over a decade of experience running PPC campaigns for local businesses as well as nationally recognized dental and healthcare professionals.

We stay ahead of the digital marketing trends because we believe that’s what our clients deserve: an orthopedic marketing agency that is always a step ahead of the competition.

Our team of respected Google certified PPC specialists can help you maximize your return on investment by driving new patients to your orthodontic website using our unique data analysis methods and years of professional experience.

What is PPC Advertising for Orthodontists?

What does PPC mean?

Orthodontic or Dental PPC advertising is a highly-targeted form of online marketing.

Having your PPC campaigns run by an agency with experience marketing for orthodontic or dental practices ensures that your PPC ads are shown to local prospective patients who are looking for the services that your orthodontic clinic offers.

Digital Logic is a leading healthcare marketing company that specializes in orthodontic and dental PPC management. If your current PPC strategy is falling short of the results you want, give us a call! We’re confident we can help your orthodontic or dental practice grow.

How Can Your Orthodontic Practice Benefit from PPC Campaigns?

When a patient (or their parent) searches for an orthodontist, the top considerations typically include ease and convenience. Most searchers are looking for local orthodontists who can book them immediately.

We take this into consideration when devising your orthodontic or dental PPC strategy.

Perks of Using Google Ads

A few perks of using Google Ads to marketing your orthodontic or dental practice include:

  1. It puts orthodontic or dental websites ahead of the competition. Orthodontic or dental PPC ads are always displayed in the top positions, so potential patients will always see your practice first.
  2. It’s cost-effective. With Pay per click (PPC) advertising, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, not when your ad appears. This makes PPC costs justifiable. So, you’re only paying to lead potential new patients to your website. This results in new patients who need your services going to your site!
  3. You’re able to see fast results. Running an orthodontic PPC campaign is one of the fastest ways to get more patients to your website.

Orthodontic PPC Ads Results

All new clients undergo an onboarding process with Digital Logic. This helps our PPC experts ensure that your practice is in the best position to get the best possible results.

As a respected orthodontic and dental ppc agency, we take the time to learn which types of new patients you want to reach and work with you to establish a fair budget, go over landing pages, and come up with a marketing plan, which includes the following:

Highly Targeted Keyword Selection for Orthodontic Clinics

orthodontist ppc services

When you hire a successful orthodontic marketing agency, you’re paying for both the ad campaigns and the account manager’s experience in your unique field.

The more experienced the PPC ad agency is, the better your return on investment should be.

Geographic Targeting for Orthodontists

For most orthodontists, bidding on broad keywords for dental services will be too competitive and general, so we recommend geographic targeting for your orthodontic or dental services.

This means that our PPC experts will conduct local keyword research to find the best keywords that are the most likely to send patient leads to your location.

In layman’s terms, this means that we’ll use target keywords, such as “braces Shreveport” or “orthodontist in Shreveport”.

We try to narrow down your target audience and be as specific as possible-in terms of targeting and target keyword selection when building your PPC campaigns.

A few ways we ensure our PPC campaigns are successful include:

  • Using a call tracking system to see which of your pay per click (PPC) ads are providing the best conversion rates.
  • Analyzing those calls to determine which specific words potential patients typically use when they do contact your facility
  • Considering longer keyword phrases that reflect organic searches
  • Listing the negative keywords, such as ‘cheap’ or ‘free’, to keep budget costs down and ensure you’re reaching more potential patients that are ready to pay for your services

We believe that building out a solid keyword strategy based on professional keyword research is the foundation to a successful pay per click advertising campaign.

Geofencing for Orthodontists

Most orthodontic clinics, regardless if they’re single or multi-location, can benefit from geofencing marketing. Potential patients who are skimming the search results are looking for nearby options. They don’t want to see a family dentistry practice 45 minutes away from their house if there’s a reputable orthodontist down the street.

If there are specific areas that don’t wish to market to, you can use geofencing to target your orthodontic or dental PPC campaign accordingly.

When geotargeting, we think it’s best if we:

  • use ad extensions for location where appropriate.
  • let your potential new patients know where you are by including the name of your clinic location in your pay per click ads.
  • Group similarly performing locations or markets into one ppc campaign to further optimize your marketing budget

Well-Optimized Pay Per Click Ad Campaign Structure

Organizing your Google Ads account is just as important as finding the right keywords. An organized campaign structure will help with budgeting, optimizing your ad accounts, improving your quality score, and will provide better reporting options.

In order to ensure you have a well-optimized campaign structure, we recommend:

  • Creating separate orthodontic pay per click campaigns for branded search terms versus non-branded terms.
  • Not creating accounts for each specific location. We suggest grouping all of your clinics into a single account, so you can share the conversion metrics across all of your PPC campaigns.
  • Segmenting keywords by the buying stage or level of traffic awareness in order to deliver the most useful information to specific searchers.

Goal-Specific PPC Search Campaigns for Orthodontists

At Digital Logic, we try to build a campaign structure that supports your goals as an orthodontist, specifically. Many orthodontists operate in multiple areas, with specific pay per click campaigns for each.

Each of these areas may have different areas of focus, budgets, goals, or offer different services.

One clinic may only provide orthodontic services, while another may have several on-staff dentists. A brand new practice may focus on building brand awareness and driving more leads, in general, to the website. Practices who are struggling financially may want to promote standard dentist services, offering a discount on lower cost services.

A segmented campaign model allows us to control your marketing budget to meet your specific practice objectives, giving you the conversions that matter to YOU!

However, if your multi-location practice is working towards a collective target, such a specific cost per acquisition or volume goal, then in that case, campaign consolidation and smart bidding can help our ads specialists create a more efficient campaign management strategy. This will help drive more revenue, sometimes while lowering the overall ads budget.

Ads Budget Recommendations

orthodontist ppc agency

While it may sound cliche, one of the biggest advantages of hiring a professional digital marketing agency for ppc services is that we’ve done this before. Don’t believe us, spend a couple of minutes to receive our free consultation. Our campaign managers know their stuff.

We base our recommendations on data from hundreds, if not thousands, of similar campaign groups. We’re able to predict which budget will work best for your business. Our professionals can tell you if your desired campaign budget will get you the revenue you want, before we even start!

This means that we’ll only accept clients that we feel confident we can help-in terms of both the conversion metrics and return on investment.

We don’t like losing, simple as that.

Optimized Landing Page Development

Conversion-driving landing pages for any dentist or orthodontist are a must.

If your current ads send a lead to the homepage, that’s a no-go for us.

This wastes your resources and can confuse a potential patient, decreasing your opportunity for sales. This also leads to less effective PPC campaigns.

You want your audience to focus on exactly what matters-the service that they were using search engines for when they clicked on your ad.

Targeted Ad Titles

Targeted ads call for equally targeted, professionally-optimized landing pages. These pages should be fast, responsive, and optimized for mobile devices.

You want to make the process as easy as possible for your leads to:

  • learn more about your orthodontic clinic
  • determine where your clinic is located
  • learn more about the specific service they were searching for
  • determine whether or not their insurance is accepted
  • schedule their appointment on the internet or call to schedule an appointment over the phone

Landing Page Design for Orthodontists

When we design landing pages for our clients, we keep the previous points in mind.

We find that when building your orthodontic ads landing pages, it works best when we:

  • create a unique, specific landing page for each campaign.
  • use a consistent offer from the ad to the landing page.
  • include testimonials associated with the specific service targeted.
  • add a chat option to attract those wishing to schedule immediately
  • make it easy to schedule an appointment

For the best results, our PPC specialists recommend investing in orthodontic SEO or search engine optimization services. Investing in this digital marketing service ensures that the keyword research and website experience is always up to date and performing to reach expectations. It’s even more beneficial if your clinic has a new website.

Call Tracking and PPC Ad Testing

orthodontist ppc marketing

At Digital Logic, we have a saying: “If we can’t track it, we can’t improve it.”

When you hire Digital Logic for campaign management, we assign unique tracking numbers to each ad campaign to measure its effectiveness in terms of response and conversions.

Our PPC specialists also feel it’s extremely important to test call only PPC campaigns for orthodontic clinics.

Call-Only Campaigns for Orthodontic Surgeons

Not everyone who finds your business on search engines wishes to fill out an online form. More than likely, the older clientele will want to speak with a person on staff, directly. A call-only ad extension will only show for searchers who have a device that is capable of making phone calls.

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Working with Digital Logic was the best marketing move I've ever made for my practice. They have helped me continually stay booked with the right kind of patients with their strategic approach to drive more traffic to our website.
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You deserve an orthodontic marketing agency that can help you get new patients, without breaking the bank. We understand that if you’re paying for a service, you expect to see results. And, at Digital Logic, we go above and beyond to make this happen for your practice. From tracking calls to removing keywords that aren’t converting, we’re able to better generate the results you’re paying for.

We’re here to help you turn orthodontic leads into patients.