SEO Ranking Report Software

SEO Ranking Report Software

One of the most cost effective strategies to grow your business through your online presence is SEO. In order to measure your progress, you’ll want up-to-date, cutting-edge analytical and SEO tools. Fortunately for you, there are many to choose from. Here’s an overview of some of the best tools we’ve found. This way, you can match your needs to the program that will provide you the best benefit. It may feel intimidating to choose the right SEO tool. No matter what, it’s always worth the effort. From keyword research to social media optimization, SEO to Display campaigns, the more information you have, the better position you’ll be in to compete. Below we list a wide range of reporting analytical tools to make the most of your time and SEO efforts.

What is the Best SEO Ranking Report Software?

The SEO experts at Digital Logic love Ahrefs. Considering it is on the pricier side, you might want to check out our overview below of different SEO Ranking Report Softwares. But each business has its own unique needs and will benefit from different tiers of services. 

What Is An SEO Report?

Every business that’s working on SEO needs an SEO report. You can get this with SEO Ranking Report Software. It gives you an overview of how a website performs in different search engines. The data it provides usually focuses on organic traffic, and rankings. You will not truly know if your SEO efforts are paying off without an SEO Report.

How Can I Get an SEO Report?

You can automate your SEO Ranking Report Software to send you updates at any interval of time. Note that for most SEO software listed below, although subscriptions come with hefty price tags, many offer free trials.  Become Discovered by Future Clients BEFORE They Even Know They Need Your Services - Download the Free Guide

Overview of SEO Ranking Report Software

Prefer to do it yourself? Don’t need an SEO agency? Start out with one of these free tools to get yourself started. If you need a bit more help, a digital marketing agency like Digital Logic can help you set up every aspect of your online growth plan. 


At Digital Logic, Ahrefs is the preferred SEO ranking report software, bar none. It is an authoritative, powerful behemoth within the realm of analytical reporting tools. All of the best SEO companies use it. It is the most recommended online SEO tools, second only to Google’s website crawlers. Ahrefs checks backlinks. Beyond that, it hosts an incredibly large data index of 12 million+ links, 3 trillion+ URLs, and 200 million root domains.  Another powerful tool Ahrefs offers is competitor backlink analysis. Ahrefs visits over six billion websites every half hour. They update their index frequently. This enables them to offer the largest base of live links.

SEM Rush 

One of the best benefits SEM rush provides is competitor research. This SEO ranking report software offers many position tracking features. This includes a discovery report on:
  • Your competitors
  • Location and devices
  • Specific projects you outline
  • SERP 
With these benefits, SEM rush is a great tool for businesses that need to stay ahead of their competitors in terms of SEO and social media as well. You can also integrate your Google Search Console into your SEMrush account. They also allow you to create disavow files. Disavow files enable you to invalidate links on your domain. Google analyzes your disavow files and then no longer draws on the links listed in them with respect to ranking. This allows you to disavow unwanted links that breached Google’s guidelines.


MOZ used to be known as SEOmoz. It is a software-as-a-service, SaaS, company. It is an absolute powerhouse in terms of analytics and SEO reporting. MOZ is affiliated with more than 1 billion marketers globally. One feature is its SEO Toolbox that enables users to access keyword suggestions. It also displays accurate search volume data as well as SEO competition data.  Another key tool MOZ offers is on-page metrics. With this, you can explore options for content and link building. It also enables you to see how one campaign compares to competitors in different contexts. Also, within MOZ’s platform, you can do keyword research and keyword management. They also crawl your pages and create comprehensive reports. 


A unique feature of KWFinder is its ability to search long-tail keywords that might not have a lot of competition. This enables users to avoid keywords that might have issues with regards to SEO difficulty. It steers searches towards keywords that will be easier for you to rank with. KWFinder pulls up exact search volumes for keywords that are close variants. With this SEO Ranking Report software, you can narrow down keyword research to a local level. Additionally, it provides over 40 language options to help you further narrow down localized results.

Google Search Console and Webmaster Tools

This is another one of the most popular online SEO ranking report software systems. Its data works to inform web developers on how often Google crawls their sites. When sites are added to its dashboard, they then get verified. Google will create a collection of insights about the sites you are working on. It lets you know when the sites were last crawled and highlights any errors with regard to URLs or links.  The easy-to-read statistics pane lets users see exactly what Google sees. You can play around with different metrics to see how specific factors are affecting your site’s ranking. It even allows you to see subscriber states, search queries, and how other search engines view your website. Within the “links” area of the Google Webmaster Tools, you will find information about external links to your listed sites. Here, you’ll also find information on the internal linking structure.

Screaming Frog

This SEO Ranking Report Software boasts what it calls an “SEO spider tool.” This, along with its website crawler, grabs SEO data from web pages. It analyzes the data and then exports it to other programs. After it exports this data to programs such as Excel, the user is able to formulate a database of SEO recommendations.  This is an incomparable tool for analyzing medium and large sites. It automates a lot of time-consuming manual work. With Screaming Frog, you can:
  • Find broken links within sites
  • Analyze page titles (H1 and H2s)
  • Examine Metadata
  • Find and address duplicate content
  • Collect relevant data from HTML of web pages via CSS path
  • Find temporary and permanent redirects
  • Generate XML sitemaps
Among all of these superb features, Screaming Frog integrates well with Google analytics. 


With respect to analytics, Kissmetrics holds its place as a top SEO Ranking Report Software. For e-commerce sites, its customer tracking tools are unbeatable. It focuses on providing metrics on customer interactions on your website from start to finish. Also, like any other elite SEO ranking report software, it displays metrics, tracks website visitors and their subsequent actions, and displays site rankings. Kissmetrics is one of the most efficient platforms we’ve reviewed in terms of its user-friendly interface. Users can manage a variety of analytics and keep track of metrics within a single view, it’s definitely a fan favorite SEO ranking report software.

Sprout Social

If social media is part of your SEO strategy, Sprout Social might be the SEO Ranking Report Software for you. It’s compatible with the major social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LInkedIn, Twitter, and last but not least, Google+. The best part? For each platform you use, sprout social gives you tools specific to each platform to help you customize your use and message. This incredible tool will let you integrate your schedule planning, posts, and page management. A strong feature they offer is the ability to view metrics and performance within a concise, all-in-one dashboard. Not only that, they also offer a fully integrated Customer Relationship Management system. Do not underestimate this type of feature. This will allow you to simultaneously manage multiple profiles, departments, as well companies. 


This SEO Ranking Report Software is great for those that are working on brand awareness and consumer intelligence. First, it collects millions of posts and conversations that are relevant to you. Next, it segments this data into categories: feedback, opinions, and more. After that, it will analyze this data with AI. With all of this information, you can act by setting up alerts and sharing data across your organization.


If your site is large and you’re afraid duplicate content is hurting your ranking, consider Siteliner. It’s free and easy.  In addition, it searches for broken links, which can negatively affect your site’s user experience. One of the reports this SEO Ranking Report Software provides is “page power.” Finally, this highlights your most effective pages so you can optimize them and send more internal traffic to them.


For local citation finders, Whitespark is a definite winner. It helps users with link building, technical SEO and content optimization. In terms of local tools, it features a local citation finder. Also, this will enable you to discover citation sources for companies that want to boost their metrics and rankings in local Google searches. It helps you earn reviews with its reputation builder tool. 

Rival IQ

For opposition research, Rival IQ is, well, unrivaled. One of their impressive features is training. They offer in-depth webinars about the best methods of doing opposition research. You can learn how to customize your SEO strategy for your business’s needs. For digital marketers, the accurate data about social media mentions and keyword rankings are crucial. With this sort of data, you can make sure your strategies are driving the best results. Their search functions infiltrate social media outlets. This provides you with competitor data beyond websites.

Search Latte

A self-branded international SEO tool, Search Latte is positioning itself as an alternative to Spyfu and Ahrefs. What does that mean? They build Google searches for any Google-indexed domains in any country or language. Providing services or selling products internationally? Search Latte could help your SEO anywhere in the world you’re targeting. Search Latte is great for customizing your SEO for multiple languages. 

Market Muse

Market Muse is a heavy hitter in terms of AI-powered research. With their curated data, users can dramatically speed up their content creation process. While this obviously gives you a competitive advantage, it also saves you time and money. Also, it provides content gap analysis that is comparable to ahrefs. Its ability to suggest keywords and content ideas should not be overlooked.


If you need to do keyword research in real time, Trendspottr might be for you.  This can be helpful for brands, marketers and PR pros. It can predict viral content and key influencers for any topic you give it. Meanwhile, you can stay up to date on your competitors. Importantly, you can get ahead of the curve by catching onto valuable content as soon as it becomes relevant. 

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