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Professional Website Design Services for Local Businesses

Digital Logic is a nationally recognized digital marketing agency with an award-winning, Google-certified team that designs effective websites for local businesses. Our websites can improve your conversions and increase your revenue to help your business grow!

Why Do Local Businesses Need Professional Web Design Services?

Your website is the first online interaction that potential customers have with your business.

While the web design itself may not increase conversions, the first impression is often created around the design and the features a website offers.

You want your local business website to present a clear, assessable experience for website visitors. Consumers are more likely to leave your site and purchase from a competitor if they feel as if your website is unappealing or difficult to navigate.

With the amount of growing competition in every industry, small and local businesses must gain a competitive edge any way they can. This includes investing in online marketing services and web design services.

Your website is the hub on which all of your digital marketing efforts meet. 

All social media posts, press releases, and even your business card should point to your website’s URL. Having a team of talented web designers create a custom website for your business will only help your digital marketing strategy in the long run!

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Working with Digital Logic was the best marketing move I've ever made for my practice. They have helped me continually stay booked with the right kind of patients with their strategic approach to drive more traffic to our website.
Dr Forrest Wall
Dr. Forrest Wall
The Plastic Surgery Center

Web Design Services for Local Business

At Digital Logic, our website design services hinge on your target audience. Today, web development includes much more than creating an attractive site-something pretty to add to a web design portfolio.

Instead, the best web designers understand that they must consider user experience, local SEO services, technical details, and how the website’s landing pages will work with local PPC ads, if the owner chooses to invest in these marketing services, in the future.

As a web design agency that specializes in search engine optimization for business growth, our web designers have excelled in creating custom websites that help facilitate the growth of local businesses.

This includes setting up websites on easy-to-manage platforms, like WordPress, and including eCommerce solutions that are based on both owner and visitor usability, responsive design, and opportunity for growth on search engines.

Our web development team offers creative branding solutions that showcase your brand personality to website visitors, custom programming for messaging systems, and content management systems for businesses that need it!

Whether you need a simple one-page website to get your small business up and running online or you need a more complex e-commerce website, ready to pair with paid advertising services, so that your local products can be purchased online, we’re the web design company for the job!

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Powerful Branding

We’ll pair you with an experienced web designer best suited to bring your branding to life. Our seasoned graphic design team has the creative edge to take your small business personality and translate it into a beautiful website design.

We’ll work with you on graphic elements, such as color schemes, typography, and provide advice on where to place conversion hot spots, such as the call to action buttons.

You’ve worked hard to build your brand. Your website design should showcase that.

At Digital Logic, our design team can help with:

  • Logo design

  • Creating a brand message

  • Custom design elements

  • Modern web design

  • Updating branding to mesh with an existing website design

WordPress Website Design

WordPress is one of the most user-friendly website design platforms that also give you options for search engine optimization tactics. The WordPress website platform provides an easy-to-operate CRM that allows for easy changes, once the website has been correctly built.

Custom WordPress web design benefits include:

  • SEO friendly

  • Provides customization

  • Updates easily

  • Popular content management system

  • Allows for different themes

  • Plugins for extended functionality

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eCommerce Options

WordPress allows for a WooCommerce plugin that provides seamless integration with your POS system. This gives you the ability to sell both online and in-store whenever you’d like.
  • Uses WordPress functionality

  • User-friendly store management

  • Allows eCommerce optimization

  • Popular among online store owners

Responsive Web Design

Most of your online traffic will come from mobile devices. Google also gives preference to websites that have a responsive web design. So, in order for your web pages to be search engine friendly, you’ll want to invest in a web design project that includes responsive design services. Mobile-friendly websites will rank higher on Google’s search rankings, and if your goal is to grow your business online, a web design that operates on both a desktop and mobile device will help your digital marketing and SEO efforts tremendously.

What is Responsive Web Design?

This allows your web design to adapt to any mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. This is also referred to as “mobile-friendly”. In order to have a truly responsive web design, your site should function flawlessly regardless of where the website visitor is searching from. All websites designed by Digital Logic use the most modern adapting technology to ensure a mobile-friendly experience.
  • Better user experience

  • Helps boost SEO rankings

  • Looks great on all devices

  • Promotes higher conversion metrics

local web design
local web designer

Secure Website Hosting

At Digital Logic, we offer hosting services in low-cost packages that are tailored to your business model. When added to our internet marketing services, you can receive discounts, based on your package. As a website hosting provider, we will take care of all of the server management and hosting requirements necessary to keep your local website up and running. Regardless of whether you’re a large eCommerce business or a local business down the street, our hosting management service provides both security and experience. This gives you the confidence of knowing that while your website is being professionally managed on the hosting side, you can focus on running your business!
  • Daily backups

  • Server solutions

  • Secure

  • Less than 1% maintenance downtime

Web Design Services Ready for Search Engine Optimization

While web design services are what catches the attention of your target audience and keep them on your site, SEO services are the driving force behind getting your ideal customers to your website.

So, website design and marketing for search engines should go hand in hand, as they are both critical elements of your overall digital marketing strategy. In order to succeed online, you’ll need both elements.

SEO will deliver results more than any visual element ever could.

This is why we include SEO in every website we design.

Our web designers offer beautiful design services that are backed by quality SEO tactics. This means that your website will perform better on the search results, and your site’s performance will be lightyears ahead of other websites that are built by a graphics-only company.

Built for Speed

Most of your customers will leave your site after 3 seconds if it hasn't already loaded properly. Having a web design that loads quickly is preferred by both customers and Google.

Clean Coding

Web design services are useless if you can't update your site when necessary. So, the web designer building your custom site will use the most up-to-date coding and clean HTML.


Our web designers ensure that your website will look great on every device. Google will reward your site for having a mobile-friend web design and rank it higher in the search results.

URL Structure

Having an easy-to-use, logical URL and page structure will help your website visitors, as well as help search engine crawlers more easily understand what they're looking at.

Web Design for Local Business Success

Your website is a powerful tool to help grow your business. It provides the first impression for a new visitor; it’s the hub for all of your digital marketing efforts; it’s the best way to establish your brand.

It’s critical to invest in the right website design company to build your website. 

At Digital Logic, our professional web design team uses strategic solutions backed by SEO research to provide the strongest online presence possible.

Our web design services deliver results.

At Digital Logic, we’ve helped countless businesses achieve their potential by offering local online marketing services.

Here are just a few industries we’ve helped:

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