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Paid advertisements in search results

While search engine optimization (SEO) works to improve the visibility of your website based on keyword searches, search engine advertising allows you to directly insert your paid advertisement into the search results.

Search engines allow you to pay for your keyword search position by placing the advertisement above, beneath, or next to the search results.

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Why Should I Use Search Engine Advertising?

Search advertising offers more growth opportunities at a much quicker speed, which can ultimately give you a competitive advantage. The location, products, and advertising budget will be the largest factors in determining the success of a paid search campaign. Smaller companies should be mindful to only use search engine advertising when they will be able to generate a profit or learn something valuable that can help drive sales in other areas.

Search engine advertising offers small business owners the opportunity to place their company’s advertisements right where potential customers will be looking for their desired products and services. Paid search will insert advertisements above relevant search queries rather than overload the user with low quality or confusing information. If the ad copy and landing page closely match the user’s desired search results, the search engine is more likely to serve that advertisement to the visitor.

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What Search Engine Advertising Can Do For You

Search engine advertising can be an effective method to increase your small business website traffic, promote your products and services, elevate brand recognition, and most importantly, generate more sales conversions.

Increase website traffic

The core objective of search engine advertising is to direct a stream of visitors to a website. SEA, therefore, presents itself first and foremost as a source of traffic for new websites. In a fight for the top spot, ads are ranked by quality and relevance, but their place on the first page results can also be secured through a high bid.

Promote Brand Recognition

Search engine advertising is an effective marketing instrument for enhancing a brand’s visibility amongst others in its field. Therefore, one goal of a SEA campaign should be to occupy keyword services with advertisements for your own product lines or services.

Generate Sales Conversions

Above all else, search engine advertising pays off when it contributes to the gaining of potential customers (leads) or to the increased sale of products and services. Advertising programs such as Google AdWords make it possible for website owners to determine exactly how frequently search engine ads lead to conversions, as in, when a potential customer becomes a customer.

Quick Delivery Method

Like “boosting” or running promotions in social media marketing, you’ll find that search engine advertising is a lot more effective at quickly generating sales than search engine optimization efforts. While SEO is primarily a long-term digital marketing strategy, paid search advertising helps to find the profitable keywords for your brand.

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At Digital Logic, we are all seasoned and trained experts on search engine advertising. We take a tremendous amount of pride in driving performance for our clients. We are never satisfied with campaign results, we want to keep setting the bar higher each time we reach our goal. We never set it and forget it, we make weekly changes to all of our client search engine advertising campaigns.