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Actionstep Reviews Law Firm Practice Management SoftwareIn this post, we’ll provide a brief Actionstep Review for Attorneys.


ActionStep is cloud-based technology gives its users the freedom of leaving their desktop behind. It has been around for 14 years and maintains four global offices. ActionStep was a software for general office solutions but switched to support law offices. The software is $60 per user, per month, and offers a free trial. 

ActionStep Features:

  • Workflow: Creates unique tasks for each type of matter. This automates collecting information, task assignments, and more.
  • Customization: Each matter may have specific workflows, custom data fields, or document templates.
  • Client Management: Assign clients to matters for a full picture of client history.
  • Document Management: Documents can be saved into matter folders, dragged and dropped, and searched.
  • Integration: Microsoft Word integration and more.
  • Microsoft Office Plugin: Connects the software to Microsoft Office. Browsing, searching, file creation, time management, and integration with Outlook email messages.
  • Calendar Sync: Two-direction synchronization from Actionstep to Outlook and back.
  • Billing: Run billing matters from full back and front office functionality.
  • Integrated Trust Accounting: Manage client funds and bank accounts.
3 Actionstep legal and law firm practice management software review AbacusNext is a cloud-based solution that provides a comprehensive law practice management software called AbacusLaw, which is constantly updated by the Abacus legal team. Using this technology as a service (TaaS) solution means that the law firm’s data is kept securely on a virtual server space in the cloud. The data is available from anywhere, 24/7, and displays well on any mobile device. To access the information, attorneys need to have a good Internet connection and then log on to the system.

Security Evaluation

Abacus data centers use military-grade 256-bit AES data encryption and they have SOC1/SOC2/SOC3/SSAE16 Certifications that include HIPAA compliance for medical records, which is a critical need for personal injury attorneys.

Suitable for these Law Firms

ABacusNext is designed to be a comprehensive solution for almost any type of legal practice. Additionally, the company offers optional packages that are pre-configured for specialty areas of law. These are called Practice Area Legal Solutions (“PALS”). PALS are available for civil litigation, alternative dispute resolution, estate planning, bankruptcy, business law, criminal prosecution, contract law, criminal defense, ERISA law, family law, immigration, worker’s compensation, personal injury, real estate law, and employment law. 4 Actionstep legal and law firm practice managment software review

Special Considerations

AbacusNext fully integrates with Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Timeslips, Fonality, Nextiva, and Abacus Payment Exchange. Pros
  • Comprehensive law practice management software that can be customized for specific practice areas.
  • Number-1 rated solution by the Capterra review website.
  • Constantly upgraded automatically.
  • Slowness may be frustrating. Needs a high-speed Internet connection to work well.
  • Users must pay extra for additional services.
  • Price increases occur at anytime for services and users must pay for additional data storage needs.
About the Company The AbacusNext cloud services and AbacusLaw software is offered by Abacus Data Systems with its headquarters in San Diego, California. The company started in 1983 and now supports 1.5 million users. It has data centers in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. For More Reviews Check Out:

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