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LEAP Reviews Law Firm Practice Management SoftwareIn this post, we’ll provide a LEAP review.


LEAP legal management software focuses on assisting solo and small law firms. LEAP provides legal software for firms in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. They offer matter types designed for the needs of firms in their specific area. Their services are $149 per user per month. Although a Windows software, they also offer an iOS and Android app. LEAP was first sold in other countries and is only available for law firms in the USA that are located in New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. 
25 LEAP legal and law firm practice and case management software review

LEAP Features:

  • Matter Management: Organize all case and client files in one place and protect them. Ease of collaboration and sharing with team members.
  • Document Management: Transfer to a paperless office. Ability to search the software for matter files, as well as track changes to cases or client files. They also provide unlimited storage for all legal documents.
  • Automated Legal Forms: Eliminates double data entry. Extensive library of legal forms, templates, and document automation.
  • Legal Forms Library: Access to New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts legal forms.
  • Legal Client Portal: Offers secure client correspondence to cut the need for encryption.
  • Email Management: A secure email system created for law firms.
  • Trust Accounting: Simple trust accounting which meets the demands of real estate law. Allows for easy creation of bills and reports.
  • Time Recording: Track all billable time whether in the office or on mobile apps.
  • Legal Billing Software: Manage all client and trust accounts, disbursements, and billing.
  • Document Creation: Create accurate legal forms and documents with document automation.
  • Online Payments: LEAP and RapidPay integrate with LawPay. Provide a payment facility online with wide integration.
  • Reporting: Measure team performance, get an overview of your firm, and view reports. Grouped in Matters and Clients, Trust, Office, and Management.
  • Cloud Software: Provides cloud-based access for the ability to work anywhere.
  • Legal Software Integrations: Integrates with LawConnect, InfoTrack, QuickBooks, Office 365, and more.

Security Evaluation for LEAP

LEAP runs on the Amazon cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers and network infrastructure specifications provide the state-of-the-art security for LEAP customers.

LEAP is Suitable for these Law Firms

LEAP is designed specifically for the solo practitioner and small law firms. This solution helps the staff of smaller firms work in a collaborative way more effectively. LEAP is sold in other countries besides the USA. In America, the current focus is on small law firms in the states of Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. LEAP works well for law practices that focus on real estate, family law, litigation, commercial law, wills, and estate law. 26 LEAP legal and law firm practice and case management software review

Special Considerations for LEAP

Work from anywhere with this cloud-based solution that provides everything needed by a small law firm including automated forms, billing, case management, email management, time recording, trust accounting, and reports. Pros
  • Documents and forms are easy to create using templates.
  • Covers everything needed by a small law firm in one complete solution.
  • Easy to download a digital copy of a full case file.
  • Limited area of availability in the United States.
  • Long-term contract is pricey when compared to other solutions.
  • Does not work for Mac users.

About LEAP Law Practice Management

Besides the USA, LEAP is also sold in Australia, the UK and Ireland where it has been offered since 1992. More than 12,000 small law firms use LEAP globally. Most of these are not located in the USA. Currently, there are only a few hundred law firms using LEAP in the USA. For more legal reviews, check out the following:

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