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PCLaw Reviews Law Firm Practice Management SoftwareIn this post, we’ll provide a PCLaw Review


PCLaw by LexisNexis is On-Premise windows based law firm practice management software. They strive to get you up and running quick. Streamline your finances, and get a better picture of your practice. Pricing starts at $39 per user, per month. Contact PCLaw for more pay options and product details.
PCLaw allows smaller law firms to store documents that can be shared and later searched using an effective search tool. Time tracking helps attorneys capture billable hours more effectively. Case management and practice management are combined with business development to increase productivity. For enterprises, PCLaw helps control the budget for legal expenses, manage cases more effectively, and measure the performance against industry benchmarks. PCLaw helps protect organizations from legal risk and to use business development tools to gain more clients.
35 PcLaw legal and law firm practice and case management software review

PCLaw Features:

  • Matter Management: Manage your law firm’s matters with simplified tools. Provides complex functionality.
  • Time Tracking: Automated time tracking for attorneys and non-attorney staff.
  • Billing and Accounting: Integrate with most common accounting platforms. Reduce billing time and expenses.
  • Client Contact Management: Access client data in a secure environment.
  • Calendar: Integrate with most common calendar tools for ease of access.
  • Secure Portal: Enable security features to protect important law firm data sources.
  • Document Management: Endless document management features to save time and law firm resources.
  • Document Assembly: Use algorithms to create complex documentation quick and easy.
  • Trust Accounting: Accounting tools built-in to the software save time and expenses.

Security Evaluation for PCLaw

LexisNexis uses a multi-layered approach for data security that includes IT security through encryption, IS security through network monitoring, and physical security of the data centers. The company uses access control software and follows the best practices according to industry standards, which includes an analysis of vulnerabilities, intrusion detection, and penetration-attempt testing. IT professionals continuously monitor and refine defenses against cyber threats from unauthorized users. Authorized users must follow strong account password requirements to set up accounts for login. IP restrictions apply for login attempts. Confidential personal data is shown in a truncated fashion when displayed and access to this data is restricted to certain authorized users.

PCLaw is Suitable for these Law Firms

PCLaw is suitable for solo practitioners, small to medium-sized law firms as well as larger enterprise legal departments and major law firms. The system is designed to be used by firms with one to 49 attorneys.

Special Considerations for PCLaw

The trend is to move away from on-premise installations such as PCLaw and change case management to cloud-based offerings such as those offered by other companies. This PCLaw system was popular before but now is rapidly becoming outdated. 36 PcLaw legal and law firm practice and case management software review Pros
  • Legacy software program with over 14 years of use.
  • Effective for most law firms.
  • Comprehensive practice management.
  • Not user-friendly.
  • Program errors occur that cannot be corrected by users.
  • An expensive solution with forced long-term contracts when compared to competitors offering less expensive monthly service plans.

About PCLaw Practice Management Software

PCLaw is made by LexisNexis. LexisNexis is a major international corporation that started in 1970. The company’s headquarters is in New York City, New York. For more legal reviews, check out the following:

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