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CosmoLex case management software platform is endorsed by over 20 state bar associations. Has its own built-in accounting, instead of having to work with QuickBooks. They have no long-term contracts, offer a free trial, as well as simple pricing. All users get access to all features for $59 per month, paid annually or $69 per month, paid monthly.
CosmoLex is a comprehensive case management and practice management system that has an integrated accounting system, which is compliant. This integrated accounting replaces the need to have Quickbooks and also includes LawPay for billing. 
15 CosmoLex legal and law firm practice managment software review
CosmoLex Features:
  • Practice Management: Tag all records, emails, tasks, and billing items to client matters. Includes firm-level dashboard. Calendar and task management, email management, document management, and simplified communication.
  • Legal Time and Billing: Billing and timekeeping software. Provides integrated billing for processing all invoices, past due notices, and more. Captures all billable activities when they happen and sends bills out on time. Provides customizable invoices, one-click billing, built-in LawPay with no fee, and built-in collection.
  • Secure Client Portal: Allows client communication, messaging, and information sharing.
  • Legal Business Accounting: Integrates legal-specific accounting features. Automatic bank data feed, data entry, customizable charts and accounts, and income statements. Includes free login for an external bookkeeper.
  • Trust Accounting: Audit-ready trust accounts. Set up with zero tolerance for errors to help avoid ethics violations. Also provides free account for an external accountant or bookkeeper access.
Security Evaluation CosmoLex uses a security-by-design approach in software programming and network infrastructure to create a robust architecture that is less vulnerable to hacking. The security updates are automatic and network supervision is constant. This makes the cloud-based services have better security than could be accomplished on-site at the offices of a law firm. The data encryption standard used for transfers of information from the cloud servers to an attorney’s computer is military-grade 256-bit SSL encryption. This is the same encryption used by banks to protect financial information. All data stored on servers in the cloud is encrypted at rest. The only time the data is not encrypted is when it is being viewed and used by an authorized user, such as on an attorney’s laptop, computer, or smartphone. As long as an attorney keeps such devices secure, there is a very low chance that a hacker can make unauthorized use of the data from the cloud. CosmoLex allows users with administrative accounts to assign privileges, security levels, roles, and control access that users have to the data. Authorized logins need to verify their authorization by entering a one-time SMS text code sent to their registered mobile phone. Data backups are performed every four hours. Computer servers and all IT personnel are based in the United States and subject to U.S. jurisdiction. CosmoLex uses Phalanx Secure Solutions to conduct regular IT security audits. Suitable for these Law Firms CosmoLex is designed for solo practitioners and small law firms as a complete solution for case management and practice management. Special Considerations An authorized external accountant and/or bookkeeper can be given free login access to do work for the law firm. Accept credit card payments for legal services through the integrated LawPay feature. Customer support and training are free. There are daily live webcasts for training, which allow clients to ask questions of the trainers in real-time. These sessions are also recorded for viewing at any later date. 16 CosmoLex legal and law firm case and practice managment software review Pros
  • Built-in accounting software that makes billing clients easy.
  • Good for managing trust accounts.
  • Excellent customer service and training.
  • Not good for larger firms that litigate and manage extensive case documents.
  • Reporting needs improvement.
  • Calendaring function could be improved with a full office calendar view instead of only seeing individual calendars.
About the Company In 2006, CosmoLex was founded by Rick Kabra, Ph.D. After eight years of working on software for attorneys, in 2014, CosmoLex’s mission expanded to create cloud-based services for law firms. CosmoLex wanted to help attorneys move their IT infrastructure to the cloud and thereby reduce annual expenses on in-house technology, while solving their IT needs in a more effective way. Since that time, CosmoLex continued to improve its cloud-based offerings for small to medium-sized law firms. Now, the company offers a full-function virtual law office that provides a total law practice solution. For more legal reviews, check out the following:

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