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Amicus Attorney Reviews Law Firm Practice Management SoftwareIn this post, we’ll provide an Amicus Attorney Review.

 Amicus Attorney

Amicus Attorney created by lawyers with knowledge of the industry. Claims to add billable hours, extra time, and extra money for law firms each week. Recently purchased by AbacusNext. It integrates with Outlook, QuickBooks, Google Apps, Dropbox, HotDocs, Microsoft Word, and Timeslips. Also includes a mobile app that allows access to your files, clients, time entries, and notes.
Amicus Attorney Features:
  • Calendar: Schedule and manage appointments, deadlines, tasks, court date calculator, and more.
  • Matter Management: Precedent workflows organize similar tasks on matters. Use similar type, manage deadlines, all client files, and more.
  • Document Management: Keep track of pleadings, mortgages, deeds, filings, registrations, and other documents.
  • Time Management: Time entries can help ensure no loss in billable time. Help bill more time in an easy way.
  • Client Portal: Allows clients the ability to share information.
  • Billing Management: Keep track of clients who are on time and overdue. Includes integration with QuickBooks and payment prompting for overdue clients.

In May 2016, Amicus Attorney became part of the Abacus Data System Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offerings available through the AbacusNext cloud-based system. Both AbacusLaw (reviewed above) and Amicus Attorney are offered to AbacusNext users.

Amicus Attorney users can choose between working from an on-site installed system or through a cloud-based offering. In both cases, dedicated servers are used to process and store the data. The On-site installation offers faster work connections; however, this also requires that the law firm be responsible for maintaining the IT security needs and system maintenance.

Security Evaluation
Abacus has three data centers in America that are securely engineered to guard and host confidential data. Abacus data centers use military-grade 256-bit AES data encryption. Abacus is a member of the Cloud Security Alliance. The data centers have SOC1/SOC2/SOC3/SSAE16 Certifications, which includes HIPAA compliance for personal medical records.

Suitable for these Law Firms
Amicus Attorney is designed for small law firms of up to four attorneys. Previous users of Amicus Attorney that maintained on-site installations may find that the newer cloud-based offering is more attractive. The cloud-based IT security is robust. Cloud-based users do not need to maintain any of the software upgrades that are done automatically.

Special Considerations
Amicus Attorney runs on the Microsoft SQL database software. Amicus Attorney fully integrates with Outlook, QuickBooks, Google Apps, Dropbox, HotDocs, Microsoft Word, and Timeslips.


  • Available in both on-premise and cloud-based system.
  • Offers a fully-integrated client portal that streamlines client communications.
  • Integrates well with Microsoft products.


  • Works well only for smaller law firms.
  • Interface is not user-friendly.
  • Mac users need to access the system through a PC emulator such as Parallels that makes the system run much slower and these users have less flexibility by having to use only the Safari browser.

About the Company
Amicus Attorney is offered by Abacus Data Systems. The company’s headquarters is in La Jolla, California near San Diego.

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