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Filevine was created by a team with cutting-edge online knowledge. The team has years of experience with their own successful law practices. The cloud-based design provides both desktop and mobile access to the software. Pricing varies, and is available upon request.
Filevine is a cloud-based practice management system that specializes in legal team collaboration and client communications. Using this system, it is easy to share information. It is possible to send and receive texts directly from a client’s file. E-signatures are easy to collect. Documents are easy to reference and store. The Filevine interface is intuitive and the network has strong security.
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Filevine Features:

  • Project Management and Collaboration: Manage your team and all case files in one tool. Provides storage, automatic deadline generation, automatic reports, and real-time collaboration between team members.
  • Workflow: Dynamic Taskflow system provides client connection, autotasks, simple records collection, team-specific autotasks. Real-time case monitoring.
  • Text-to-Case-File: All members of a client’s legal team can text and receive texts through the case file. Keep clients connected and preserve privacy.
  • Deadlines: Provides customizable deadlines and a simple litigation calendar tool with built-in reminders.
  • Reports: Show costs, settlement amounts, team performance, case lengths, and bottlenecks.
  • Records: Keep all case records in a secure and organized system. Allows ease of retrieval through versatile searching and document hashtags.
  • Settlement Calculator: Provides real-time disbursal sheet changes. Allows clients the chance to plan for the future with calculated settlements.
  • Bill and Expense Tracking: Helps track where money gets spent. Adds up bills and expenses, provides hyperlinked bills. Allows instant access to all relative documents.
  • Super-Easy Interface: Lessens distractions and quickens work rate through simple software.
  • Edit in Place: Change any case or client documents you need to change. No need to download it and re-upload it.
  • Audit Report: Know all your cases and your team with reports. Provides clear detail on all practice activity.
  • Filevine Periscope: Provides a summary of your entire practice. Helps you make profitable decisions on all cases, clients, and team members.
  • Auto-Hashtags: New twist on hashtags. Creates automatic hashtags on cases that meet specific and custom criteria.

Security Evaluation

Filevine uses robust IT security that includes the following:
  • Password Security: The Filevine system requires complex passwords for login. The passwords must be at least eight characters including a number and a mix of upper and lower case letters.
  • Data Traffic Encryption: Data traffic between a browser and the Filevine system is encrypted using SSL.
  • Server-Side Verification: All data transmitted to the Filevine system is validated on the server side to avoid unauthorized access and harm from bad data that comes from the client’s side
  • Secured Database: Filevine databases are not stored on servers connected directly to the Internet. Access to Filevine servers is limited to a specific white-listed group of other Filevine servers. A user sends a browser request to a web server and then that specially white-listed server, maintained by Filevine, sends a message to a Filevine database server that is kept offline.
  • Redundant Data Backup: Filevine makes frequent backups, which are sent to multiple offsite locations for storage.
  • Updates: Filevine servers are automatically updated.
  • Credit Card Data Securely Stored: Credit card info is not stored on the Filevine servers. It is sent directly to a third-party system that manages credit card payments.
  • Secure Document Download: When an authorized user wants to download a document, a temporary link is generated that only works for a short period of time.
  • Secure Document Upload: Filevine database servers only accept uploads from an authorized Filevine server.

Filevine is Suitable for these Law Firms

Filevine is designed to support attorneys that represent plaintiffs. Filevine works best for personal injury law firms. It helps attorneys to collaborate on cases and works well for legal teams of four or more people. Legal firms that use this case management solution, range in size from a solo practitioner to a large firm that has 900 users. Special Considerations Filevine has some very special features that include a built-in calculator to use for a settlement, text message integration, and fully customizable files for cases. Filevine is fully integrated with Primafact, Vinesign, Dropbox, Domo, Slack, Quickbooks, netdocuments, OneDrive, Google Drive, SpringCM, Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, and Box. Pros
  • Filevine has excellent collaboration features.
  • Filevine makes taking time-stamped case notes easy.
  • Interface is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Lacks an auto-save function.
  • Email integration is lacking. Incoming email attachments must first be downloaded and then attached to a new email that is sent to a Filevine email address.
  • Not as good for law firms who are not personal injury practices.

About Filevine Law Practice Software

Filevine was formed by attorneys and software engineers. Filevine was founded by Ryan Anderson, CEO, Jim Blake, COO, and Nathan Morris, Co-founder. The attorneys understood case management and the software engineers understood cloud-based collaboration systems. For more legal reviews, check out the following:

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