PracticeMaster Reviews Law Firm Practice Management SoftwareIn this post, we’ll provide a PracticeMaster review.


PracticeMaster is a Windows-based law firm practice management tool. PracticeMaster is a product of Tabs3. They’ve been creating law firm technology since way back in 1979. Provides law firms with reliable software for their practice, with customer service. They charge a one-time cost of $600 per user for the PracticeMaster software tool. A free online demo of the software is available upon request.
PracticeMaster is an onsite installation that runs on a Windows server maintained by the IT staff of a law firm. Remote connections using mobile devices are possible. This system offers practice management of a law firm’s calendar and contacts. It can be used alone or with the Tabs3 Billing and Financials program for integrated accounting and client billing.  
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PracticeMaster Features:

  • Matter Manager: Organizes all matter information. Includes emails, documents, fees, phone records, research notes, costs, and appointments.
  • Calendar: Synchronize with Microsoft Outlook with Exchange. View appointments for all in your practice, for select members, or for you alone. Provides color-coding for ease of finding certain appointments and activity. Check for conflicts. Set your own holidays. Features customizable security settings.
  • Conflict of Interest Searches: Find any conflict of interest with a potential client and anyone in your firm.
  • Email Management: Adds documents from email. Manages all emails. Allows searches with help from the program if needed. Integrates with Outlook.
  • Time Tracking: Includes certain triggers to track all time spent working on a case. It could be on the phone, researching, emailing, or anything else. Allows you to set small time increments as well for different entry types.
  • Document Management: Provides built-in document history tracking. Stay aware of changes made to any document. It also allows you to link any document to any client or matter. Use integrations to save documents from Adobe Acrobat, Excel, or Word.
  • Workflows: Automate task setting and reminders for you and your staff. Generate thank-you letters or up to 10 other actions in any workflow. Automated control of starting emails, assembling documents, running reports, displaying messages and more.
  • Reports: Reports assist with details of your clients, appointments, assignments, and to-do lists. Generate many custom reports.
  • Security: Delegate who can see what information, to keep everything safe and secure.
  • Document Assembly: Uses entered information to help assemble documents fast and easy. It also integrates with HotDocs.
  • Templates: Calendar Plan Templates for scheduling of a series of events for one or more dates. They are usable over and over again. Templates help you customize which types of matter get what kind of information. Lets you change entry pages based on the type of matter.
  • HotBackup: Backup data while working.
  • Auto-Recovery: Protection of data from unforeseen damage or loss.
  • Accelerators: Get all reports, sorting, and filtering done up to 30 times faster.
  • eNote: Use instead of email for quick notes back and forth. They’ll pop up on the screen for quick and convenient viewing.

Security Evaluation for PracticeMaster

PracticeMaster security is only as good as the competence of IT staff at the law firm that manages system security. A high-speed wired networked is recommended. Wireless connections to the system are not recommended because of performance and reliability issues. To protect this system requires encryption and the use of the best practices for IT security such as making frequent systems backups that are stored offsite, conducting regular malware and virus scans accompanied by threat removal, and the use of a firewall. If remote connections are allowed, IT security needs to be enhanced to protect the system from unauthorized intrusions. Suitable for these Law Firms PracticeMaster is suitable for law firms of any size. It serves the needs of solo practitioners and scales up easily to accommodate any number of users.

Special Considerations for PracticeMaster

PracticeMaster can be purchased for a one-time fee per user or on a monthly subscription basis. Tabs3 has a nationwide system of authorized consultants that can be hired independently for installation and IT support of its products, onsite training, and upgrades of its software. 39 PracticeMaster legal and law firm practice and case management software review Pros
  • Excellent technical support from the company.
  • Wide availability of qualified independent consultants for further assistance.
  • Comprehensive set of features.
  • The billing and accounting system is an add-on and cannot be customized.
  • Not intuitive and system requires new users to undergo training to be able to use it effectively.
  • Difficult to add or remove features to make it more functional for a law firm. This problem is solved by working with technical support from the company.

About PracticeMaster

Practice Master is made by Tabs3. Tabs3 has been in business since 1979 making software to help attorneys manage their practices. They offer desktop solutions like PracticeMaster, cloud-based options for connectivity, and enterprise solutions such as advanced SQL client/server products. The company’s headquarters is in Lincoln, Nebraska. For more legal reviews, check out the following:

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