CASEpeer Reviews Law Firm Practice Management SoftwareIn this post, we’ll provide a CASEpeer review for lawyer marketing clients.


CASEpeer is Advertised as an ethical, customer-focused law firm management software tool. The creators of CASEpeer refer to it as a blueprint for a successful law practice. Offers automatic updates every month, free training, and a 30-day money back guarantee. The straightforward pricing model has three tiers. $55 per user per month for one to three users, $70 per user per month for four to nine users, and $85 per month for ten or more users.

11 CASEpeer legal and law firm practice managment software review

CASEpeer Features:
  • Cases: Create virtual case files with a dynamic organization. Track important matters such as client medical treatment and lien tracking.
  • Intake: Keep track of all leads and share information on linked cases.
  • Client Communication: Track emails from clients, text clients, and provide a client portal.
  • Tasks: Assign tasks and complete them with case plans and notifications.
  • Calendar: Provides case and user calendars. Syncs with Google, Outlook, Office 365, or Exchange. Track meetings, events, tasks, and deadlines.
  • Documents: Document organization, as well as automated letter generation and custom document shortcuts.
  • Negotiations: Track demands, offers, and track lien negotiations. Also provides law firm-wide settlement reports.
  • Litigation: Track important litigation files and documents wherever you go.
  • Search: Provides extensive search features with advanced search options, categories, and filtering.
  • Costs: Keep track of costs throughout every case with a Quickbooks Online integration. Export reports and streamline cost requests.
  • Timeline: Shows the big picture of every case with a view of all recorded events.
  • Permissions: Manage who sees or edits each file.
  • Reports: Create and analyze reports on costs, statutes, productivity, and more.
  • Security: Works with Amazon Web Services to help guarantee a secure environment.

CASEpeer is designed for use by personal injury attorneys. This system helps attorneys make better data-driven decisions when they use the case management tools along with the overall practice management tools. Key performance indicators are easy to identify and then use them as benchmark goals to track improvements over time.

CASEpeer Security Evaluation

CASEpeer is hosted on Amazon servers that are physically located in the United States. The data servers are backed up with redundancy. If a server fails, another one is immediately available to take over the data processing so that service is never interrupted. Regular backups are made throughout the day. In the case of any database failure, the law firm’s information can be easily restored from the most recent backup.

CASEpeer is Suitable for these Law Firms

This system is designed for use by personal injury attorneys. By using this case management system, it is easier for an attorney to negotiate a settlement and improve practice management to maximize case revenues.

Special Considerations for CASEpeer

CASEpeer offers full integration with Outlook, Dropbox, Google, Office365, Exchange, eFax, HelloSign, Alert Communications, and Ngage Live Chat.

12 CASEpeer legal and law firm practice managment software review


  • Ease of use.
  • Tracks data well.
  • Improves client communication.


  • Works well for personal injury attorneys; however, not as useful for other types of law firms.
  • Navigation using a smartphone is challenging.
  • Takes a lot of time to enter all the client data.

About CASEpeer

The CEO of CASEpeer is Darren Fancher who is an experienced attorney, finance professional, and entrepreneur. Brian Reigle is the CTO. He has over twenty years experience as a software developer and he focused on law firm support for the past five years. Gabriela Cubeiro, the Director, has nearly a decade of experience working with growing personal injury law firms.

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